San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks

San Diego, California

Africa Rocks, an 8-acre $68-million project at the San Diego Zoo, now in construction documents, spirits visitors through five African biomes from Ethiopian highlands, Madagascan forests to South African coastline.

Prominent species include gelada and hamadryas baboon, ibex, leopard, vervet monkey, lemur, fossa, ratel, dwarf crocodile, South African penguin, and sharks.

Highlights of the project are a 100,000-gallon pool with 70-foot long underwater glass viewing of penguin, shark, fish, and sea stars; a 65-foot-tall waterfall that visitors can walk behind; and three terraced baboon habitats with layered viewing recreating highland escarpments and native flora.

Other elements of the project include a 70,000-s.f. tensile structure that supports smaller meshed animal exhibits, visitor plaza with stage and retail, botanic gardens, and ADA compliance.


Miller Hull Partnership / San Diego Zoo


2017 Opening (Currently in design)


$68.3 million