ELM was founded on relationships.

That is still the driving force behind our firm: how can we prioritize people and relationships through design.

In 2001, Russ Ervin, Steve Lovett and Tim Miller partnered to found Ervin Lovett Miller, a place where the three could combine their individual passions for planning, architecture, landscape architecture and design in one collaborative environment.

From the beginning, relationships were the priority. Relationships among the three partners, with their clients, throughout their staff, among the design disciplines, and between building and site.


Founded on the concept of providing multiple design disciplines under one roof, ELM is committed to promoting responsible development, building environments and experiences that respond to short-term economic demands, and creating places with enduring quality and long-term lasting value. 

We are committed to creating sustainable, inspired places for people--it is of paramount importance that our work reflects the indigenous natural, social and contextual qualities unique and special to every place.



Our studio structure is one that encourages collaboration, constructive critique, and open dialogue. By purposefully remaining a team that is small in size, we are able to deliver a superior client experience.

We provide responsive and exceptionally personalized service, with principal-level involvement and attention throughout each phase of every project--yet our talented team and collaborative office culture equips us apply our unique process to larger and more complex projects.



We have worked successfully with public, private, non-profit and institutional clients, and we have extensive experience in large and small projects within several unique and specific practice niches.

We establish enduring professional relationships and friendships with our clients, become a valuable part of their team, and together create successful projects with sustaining value for their organizations, companies and communities.



Our firm, partners and team have had the opportunity to work on conservation and development projects in diverse geographies and unique natural and urban settings. In all assignments, it is of paramount importance that our work reflects the indigenous natural, social and contextual qualities unique and special to every place.


We are purposefully a small, strategic firm with an intractable commitment to quality, efficiency, focus and client responsiveness. At the same time, we have the capability and expertise to successfully manage and complete large complex projects typically found in very large firms.

Our clients benefit from our nimble structure and personal principal-level attention.



We recognize that every successful project takes a team, and we seek opportunities to work with talented clients, fellow consultants and project stakeholder groups.

Our best and most enjoyable work is with clients and team members who are active participants in their work.