Bartram Walk


Inspired by coastal architecture characteristic of historic St. Augustine, Bartram Walk is a collection of unique individual retail and office buildings that are architecturally cohesive, positioned in a horseshoe pattern around a central lake feature.

The 36-acre, mixed-use planned development is ideally positioned along Florida State Road 13 in northern St. Johns County, Florida, and has become a community destination consisting of local shops, a feature lake, community park space, and quaint landscaped courtyards.

Special attention was given in the design and development of exterior spaces that mold the buildings together while providing a festival atmosphere for patrons. The ELM design team provided planning, architectural and landscape architectural services from the project inception.

There’s as much attention put into the site – the archways, entry details, pavers, site furnishings and plants – as into the buildings. They have a vision of the project that goes from curb to curb. If you walk through San Marco or Winter Park and ask someone what makes the place so comfortable, most people can’t put their finger on why. But ELM can create a design that produces that same feeling in a new building, and that’s magic, as far as I’m concerned.
— Ken Wilson, Gate Properties


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Master Planning

Approvals and Entitlements


Landscape Architecture

Project Visioning & Theming

Signage Design