Big Rock Park


Rooted in cognitive science, Big Rock Park harnesses northwest ecology and geology into nature play activities that foster brain development, motor development, and improvements in attention, investigation and perception.

The result of a lively, interactive and intellectual design process, Big Rock Park Phase 1 uniquely incorporates contemporary scientific thought to identify ways that play, exploration and nature can stimulate and enhance age-specific cognitive development.

On a site with puzzling glacial erratics and a multi-layered history, new play activities and explorations introduce movement through the landscape and contact with rock, wood, leaves and water in ways that stimulate curiosity and investigation into how our world is assembled.


SEATTLE DAILY JOURNAL OF COMMERCE: Big Rock Park adds nature play area

PARENT MAP MAGAZINE: Just opened: Big Rock Park, a nature playscape and adventure playground in Sammamish

ISSAQUAH-SAMMAMISH REPORTER: Big Rock Park to have natural playscapes, children's zip line


City of Sammamish


Landscape Architecture

Signage and Entry Design

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