City of Lake Forest Park


Approved unanimously in 2010 as the comprehensive parks and open space plan for Lake Forest Park, this community development plan is now considered the community’s “legacy” to guide growth and preservation of the city’s unique community resources for the next 100 years. 

The plan supports natural drainage through Green Streets, enhancement of creeks, the Lake Washington shoreline, and riparian areas. It encourages protection of habitat and promotes gathering places for people. Developing the 100-year vision provides a blue print for changes and enhancements that can be accomplished over a long period of time.

Hundreds of residents participated in a series of public gatherings and electronic surveys. They provided their views on what was important to them in Lake Forest Park, what they wanted in their public spaces and what they wanted the city to be now and for future generations. Lastly, they identified and prioritized near-term projects.

The plan provides guidelines and direction for the City in terms of purchasing and preserving property, accepting donations, identifying potential fund sources, and other actions. It enables the City to respond to opportunities in a timely fashion.

Twelve projects were identified for the six- year capital improvement program. The City is working on many of these projects while inspiring the cooperation of neighborhood volunteers to create improvements that support Green Infrastructure.


City of Lake Forest Park

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