Duwamish Waterway Park


Through hands-on workshops, Duwamish Waterway Park is being enlivened with a community-created and community-owned design.

Set in Seattle’s culturally diverse, industrial, and artistic South Park neighborhood, Duwamish Waterway Park is one of Seattle’s few riverfront parks and provides critical open space and water access in an isolated neighborhood.

The community-led design, facilitated by ELM, activates the park with new play activities and an interpretive riverwalk telling stories of the Duwamish Waterway’s ecological history, industrial channelization, and recent environmental revival alongside histories of those who have settled and sculpted the South Park neighborhood. The riverwalk is being introduced to other riverfront sites to continue the design language and form a self-guided interpretive tour.


SEATTLE PARKS AND RECREATION: Duwamish Waterway Park Activation


Friends of Duwamish Waterway Park

South Park Area Redevelopment Committee

Seattle Parks Foundation

Seattle Parks

Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods