April Fools: ELM announces name change and unveils new logo

Firm changes name from ELM (Ervin Lovett Miller) to ELMO with the addition of Principal Chris Overdorf

Almost exactly one year after Ervin Lovett Miller changed their name to ELM, the firm has made another major announcement, adding the name of the firm's newest principal, Chris Overdorf.

“We're tickled to announce that Ervin Lovett Miller (soon to be known as Ervin Lovett Miller Overdorf) will officially adopt the name ELMO,” said one of the firm's founding partners, Steve Lovett. “In the nearly 11 years since founding the firm, we've been known as a firm that is fun to work with and we think the name ELMO not only reflects the acronym of our principals' initials, but also represents the fun we have.”

Making the name change proved to be an easy decision after doing some informal research. “Before deciding to make the change we asked a few people for their opinion,” said Lovett. “Some people smiled, while others laughed out loud. We took that as a good sign…that there's a place for happiness within the design profession, and our firm wants to be a leader in not only providing superior design but also making people happier. We couldn't think of anything that represents that better than ELMO.”

In addition to the name change, the firm is unveiling a new logo. “We felt that this was a logical time to capture the essence of what ELMO is,” Lovett said. In all correspondence and the logo, the trademark red in ELMO is retained. Lovett went on to say, “We want to be in demand by our clients, almost like parents looking for that special must-have Christmas toy for their children. We take our work seriously, and our work is fun. So is our new logo.”

About Us

Led by four principals, ELM (aka ELMO) planners, architects, and landscape architects is a leading national environmental design practice that creates happy, sustainable, inspired places for people. The firm's leadership, innovation, collaborative spirit, and good humor are applied to the disciplines of planning, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, interiors, and environmental graphics. ELM's commitment to fun, design, sustainability, and a multidisciplinary perspective brings value to national and international, urban, mixed-­-use, destination resort, residential, zoological and aquaria, education, civic, cultural, and strategic conservation projects.

For more information about ELM (or ELMO), visit www.elm-­plan.com or call (904) 296­-8066 or (206) 650­-8589. For more information about this Press Release, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fools'_Day