ELM Celebrates 10 Years

Earlier this month, we hosted our 10-Year Anniversary Party. We didn’t want this to be just another party. We wanted this to be the start of something special, a celebration of local artists and an opportunity to showcase local organizations that are making a difference.

So, we transformed our studio space on Kings Avenue into a gallery featuring the works of Paul Ladnier, the first University of North Florida (UNF) professor of Fine Arts, and Amy Donaldson, a UNF graduate and Paul’s mentee. We also invited the Cathedral Arts Project to share their story of bringing art to local students when funding cuts eliminated the art and music programs.

With more than 200 guests in attendance, we celebrated our past, present, and how we would like to be better stewards of the arts and culture in Jacksonville moving forward. Each guest received a book illustrating our past 10 years and an invitation to join us in April.

We plan to host 6 or 7 events this year to showcase local artists and local nonprofit organizations that are making a difference. The mission of ELM is to make our world a better place. We believe these events are just one more way we can make a difference.

On April 12th, we will host our second event featuring the works of Donald Henry Dusinberre, Sharla Valeski, and Madeleine Peck Wagner in a show titled “Winning Over Chaos.” Our featured nonprofit organization will be released soon. Stay tuned for more.