ELM principal and staff serve on University of Florida Design Jury

As part of ELM's commitment to participating with and perpetuating excellence in education for the profession and practice of landscape architecture, two members of ELM's team — Stephen Lovett, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP, Principal and Jason Castillo, ASLA, PLA, Landscape Architect — served as jury critics for the Capstone Presentations, which are the final thesis presentations for undergraduate and graduate students in Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida.

The presentations occurred at the Studio's at University of Florida. Jason is a University of Florida Alumnus.  Both Jason and Steve have participated in numerous guest and professional project reviews, design critiques and juries for Capstone projects over the years.

Steve has also participated in studio critiques, as a visiting lecturer, panel discussion and as a part of a design jury at Arizona State University and at the University of Florida. Steve and fellow principal Christopher Overdorf are also members of Washington State University's Professional Advisory Counsel for the Landscape Architecture program and the School of Design.

ELM's mission is to create better places and the firm's commitment to education is one way that ELM continues to make our world a better place.