ELM Christmas in Jax: Naughty vs. Nice

ELM has a unique work setting and highly collegial environment where creativity, collaboration, innovation and openness with coworkers is valued and encouraged. Everyone at the firm gets to know each other well and works closely together.

At the Christmas Party, the close connections among staff more closely resemble a gathering of family friends, rather than a traditional company event. Consequently, as you might expect, it can get VERY interesting when the time comes to draw Secret Santa names, especially with the creative talent, inner-office pranksters and ongoing shenanigans throughout the year!

Throughout the history of the firm, the Christmas Party has been hosted by the ELM partners, rotating between the homes of Russ Ervin, Steve Lovett and Tim Miller. It is a family affair, with kids, friends, parents, grandchildren and other close family members encouraged to attend. It’s been a joy to see how employees’ children have grown – many who were once very young are now away at college or beyond; and these occasions have maintained an environment of warmth, laughter and fun that has always characterized the ELM culture and the joy that comes with the Christmas Sprit.

This year’s holiday celebration was hosted by Tim and Gloria Miller in their San Marco home. The delicious food and drinks were definitely not the only perks of the evening, as Secret Santa gifts provided side-splitting laughter and entertainment for ELM team members and their families.

Some gifts were store-bought while others were hand-made with love. They ranged in size and sincerity from the thoughtful to the outrageous (requiring lots of thought and creativity). Longstanding pranks and inside jokes became the stars of the show.

We wanted to share a few of these moments of laughter and fun with you. Please click through the photos below to see how our in-house photographer, Mark Pariani, captured the evening.