Exploring urban planning trends through local eyes

As 2015 gets into full swing, ELM joined many of our fellow ULI (Urban Land Institute) North Florida  members at the annual Jacksonville Trends in Real Estate event to explore what’s in store for local and regional real estate in the coming year.

Overall, Jacksonville seems to be heading in an exciting direction with several large multi-use projects that could drive our urban core toward becoming an “18-hour city,” a term coined by market researchers at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to replace the 24-hour model.

As Andrew Warren, Director of Real Estate Research at PwC, pointed out in his presentation at the ULI Trends event, millennials are a driving force behind this current shift toward downtown transformations that combine housing, retail, dining and walk-to-work offices to create these 18-hour cities.

We are definitely seeing the results of a similar shift in Jacksonville within the downtown, Brooklyn and Riverside neighborhoods. Several exciting projects driving these changes in Jacksonville include:

  • The Healthy Town concept coming to the JEA Southbank site
  • 220 Riverside
  • Laura Street Trio and Barnett Building
  • Jacksonville Landing
  • Shipyards Property
  • And several other smaller projects

As urban planners and designers, it’s exciting for us to watch as these trends take shape in our own backyard. But, what’s even more rewarding is having a hands-on role to offer the creativity and innovation that turn these ideas into realities.

Our ELM team has been very fortunate to gain key roles within the following new developments in Northeast Florida that are not only enhancing the urban core but also improving the surrounding communities.

Our design team is passionate about our role in bringing these incredible projects to life within our Northeast Florida community.

The Healthy Town mixed-use development will create an entire lifestyle neighborhood that incorporates health and wellness into every aspect of this riverside site in downtown Jacksonville.

Our neighbors to the south are already enjoying the initial success of Sawgrass Village Phase I as our design team works diligently to complete the next phases that will solidify this center as the retail, restaurant and civic centerpiece of Ponte Vedra Beach.