How Architects can Contribute to Quality of Life

For the May/June Architectural Edition of Arbus art and culture magazine, the ELM team was honored to contribute our thoughts about the following question:

What can architects do to contribute to the quality of life issues in Jacksonville?

Innovate. Stop repeating the ordinary. Embrace design as a way to inspire people. Push traditional limits of creativity. Design places that are in scale and feel like they’re designed for people. Emphasize beauty. Incorporate art. Prioritize landscape. Focus on walkability. Create elements of “fun” in all projects. Integrate ecological performance. Think longer term. Demand more from ourselves as designers and consultant. Challenge our clients to do better.
— Steve Lovett, Partner, ELM | Ervin Lovett Miller
Steve Lovett

We were also proud to see a few of our beautiful ELM projects on the inside cover of the magazine here: