Couple renews wedding vows in new ELM-designed underwater San Diego Zoo exhibit

With penguins and leopard sharks swimming beside them, a San Diego couple renewed their vows at an underwater wedding ceremony Wednesday, inside the Africa Rocks Penguin Pool exhibit, according to San Diego Zoo Global and NBC San Diego.

ELM's Seattle studio, ELM Environments, together with Miller Hull Partnership & Quince Farm Studios, designed the San Diego Zoo's 8.5-acre $68.3-million Africa Rocks project featuring this new shark and penguin habitat modeled after the Fynbos ecoregion located along the Western Cape of South Africa.

This phase opened July 3 and was the largest attendance day in San Diego Zoo's history. The rest of the project will be opening in phases as summer progresses.

Click below for the video of the ceremony and new Penguin Pool exhibit.