San Diego Zoo welcomes African Penguins as first residents in ELM-designed Africa Rocks exhibit

It’s a monumental week for African penguins at the San Diego Zoo. Animal care staff began the birds’ gradual introduction to their new Cape Fynbos habitat in the soon-to-open Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks.

The new ELM-designed Cape Fynbos penguin habitat in Africa Rocks features a cobblestone beach surface, penguin nesting areas and rockwork that mimics the granite boulders found at Boulders Beach in South Africa. The 70-foot-long and 10-foot-wide habitat also includes a 200,000-gallon pool for the penguins that stretches 170 feet, with depths up to 13 feet. It is the largest penguin habitat in the Zoo’s history.

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo can see the new colony of African penguins when the Cape Fynbos habitat at Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks opens on July 1, 2017.