ELM, local development team's proposal shortlisted for new JEA Headquarters


The Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) is seeking a new headquarters to replace its current building in downtown Jacksonville, for the purpose of enhancing business continuity and improving organizational effectiveness.

ELM, along with a skilled, local project development, design and construction team, has submitted a proposal and been named as a shortlist finalist for the new JEA headquarters site. The three shortlisted teams presented each of their design solutions to JEA’s board in a public meeting on February 5.

ELM is working with developer Chase Properties; property management firm Parkway Property Investments; architecture and interior design form Rolland, DelValle & Bradley; Connie Turner Interior Design; TLC Engineering Solutions; RTA Consulting, Inc.; Atlantic Engineering Services; and Kimley-Horn and Associates.

The new headquarters will enhance JEA’s image as a forward-thinking utility and will better serve its customers and employees.


Located at 1201 Kings Avenue, the proposed project site is located within the Kings Avenue Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD), providing superior connectivity through public transit for JEA’s employees and visitors, as an adjacent Automated Skyway Express and Bus Rapid Transit station connect the site to the downtown Central Business District, airport, and all areas of Jacksonville. Two nearby interstate interchanges would provide accessibility and convenience for customers and employees, and the building’s frontage along the highway would afford high visibility to the nearly 55 million cars that pass by each year.

Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Site Plan

The Kings Avenue Station site is in close proximity to San Marco, the Hendricks Avenue and Kings Avenue commercial corridors, the Southbank, and the District, all of which provide food and lodging options for employees and visitors. An underutilized parking garage exists onsite, which meets JEA’s parking requirements and would represent a significant time and cost savings in the development and construction process. Additionally, twin-flag Hilton hotels on the proposed site could potentially serve as both short and long-term lodging facilities for visitors and JEA employees.

The site is pad-ready with land use and zoning in place, would not require environmental remediation, and, due to its location, would be exempt from the potentially lengthy DDRB review and approval process.


With about 200,000 sq. ft. of office space for JEA’s 800-plus employees, the building is designed to incorporate the latest in corporate office design technology and trends. The building’s upper floors will provide views of the St. Johns River and downtown skyline, with an outdoor patio area on the top floor for employees.

The new headquarters will be constructed with sustainability and environmental resilience in mind, with LEED Silver certification as a design priority. The site is out of the 100-year flood zone.

The proposed construction timeframe is expected to be 31 months from commencement in spring of 2019. JEA is expected to announce their decision in early April.