Video: Update on the Amelia Island Club Ocean Clubhouse Renovation

You can’t help but get excited with a makeover like this— and the amount of makeover that’s being done is truly transformative. All of it really will be a “wow” moment.
— Russ Ervin, ELM Partner

We’re so excited to share this video with you from the team at the Amelia Island Club—it tells the story of the transformation taking place at the club’s Ocean Clubhouse on Amelia Island. We can’t wait to share the final result with you in just a few months!

Amelia Island is unique to Florida—it’s unlike any other place in Florida. Capturing that both in the design as well as capturing the place, the setting and the views was very important and very inspirational to us.
— Russ Ervin

To learn more about ELM’s role in the renovation, visit the project page or the Amelia Island Club website!

Erin Weinberg