ELM was founded on relationships.

That is still the driving force behind our firm: how can we prioritize people and relationships through design.



ELM was founded in 2001 by partners Russ Ervin, Steve Lovett and Tim Miller, with the belief that the disciplines of architecture, planning and landscape architecture are deeply interconnected, and should be considered together in the design of great places.


Our design perspective is multi-disciplinary in both project type and scale; by bringing multiple disciplines under one roof, we approach projects from both a site and architectural perspective. We carefully study the environmental, cultural and urban contexts of the places we work, and give attention to each project at all scales--from the big picture to granular details.

The small, studio structure of our firm offers clients a team of talented, experienced designers and staff committed to their craft, and significant hands-on principal involvement and accessibility through all phases of a project. We have found that this smaller practice structure allows us to provide better service, build stronger relationships, and have more fun. 


We create added value through innovative design, technical excellence and superior service to clients. By remaining committed to understanding and achieving our clients' goals and vision, we deliver places of enduring value that reflect the natural, social and contextual qualities integral to each project.


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