Kings Avenue Station


Kings Avenue Station was designed to reinvigorate underutilized infrastructure by connecting an established parking garage and transit station to a highly-desirable urban neighborhood to create Jacksonville’s first Transit-Oriented Development (TOD).

For more than a decade, the Kings Avenue Garage and adjacent Jacksonville Skyway System had been virtually unused. Working with the client, city, and transportation authority, ELM created an innovative TOD master plan to transform a vacant parking lot into a vibrant mixed-use infill development, continuing the renewal of an emerging urban neighborhood.

The first phase of the plan consisted of two hotels wrapping a central courtyard and pool.  As the design architect for the hotels, ELM facilitated approvals from the city and transportation authority, and provided site planning and landscape design services.


Kings Avenue Station to break ground soon

Hotels open doors in San Marco


Chase Properties, Inc.


Conceptual Planning

Approvals and Entitlements

Building Architecture

Landscape Architecture