ELM East Studio


Originally constructed in the 1940s as a simple outbuilding for a local hardware store, the building sat vacant for many years prior to its purchase in 2004.  ELM renovated and expanded the building in 2005 into a two-story design studio, and this renovation has since inspired growth and renewal of numerous other historic buildings in the district.

Inside the building, studios and workspaces are organized without walls, promoting an open collegial environment for the exchange of ideas, service to clients and a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. 

The large north-facing garage doors have been replaced with high-performance glass, continuing to the second floor, providing all workspaces with abundant natural light, and a foreground view of the downtown Jacksonville skyline.  Since its renovation, ELM Studio has hosted numerous gatherings and social events for clients, professional organizations and non-profit groups and agencies.


ELM | Ervin Lovett Miller


Services Provided

Master Planning


Landscape Architecture

Signage and Entry Design

Construction Observation



Creative adaptive reuse

Catalyst for neighborhood renewal

High-quality studio work environment

Second-floor terrace creates exterior people space

Emphasizes collaborative work environment

I strongly believe in ‘voting with your feet.’ Saying you believe something isn’t credible if your actions indicate the opposite. If we expressed our commitment to the urban realm and the importance of cities but worked somewhere in the suburbs, we’d have no credibility – and deservedly so.
— Steve Lovett, ELM founding principal


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Ervin, Lovett & Miller move into new offices



2006 Grand Aurora Award
Southeast Building Conference (SEBC)
Remodeling, Rehabilitation or Historic Restoration
Commercial/Office/Retail Project

2006 Aurora Award
Southeast Building Conference (SEBC)Remodeling, Rehabilitation or Historic Restoration
Commercial/Office/Retail Project