Ocala Equestrian Residence

Ocala, Florida

Located in the verdant, rolling hills of Ocala, this 20-acre property provides the perfect backdrop for a comfortable indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The home is set on a small rise between several large, majestic oak trees, allowing for views to the surrounding land and horse pastures from many areas throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Connectivity between the home’s interior and the surrounding acreage was central to the home’s layout and design, as a third of the home’s total square footage is devoted to covered outdoor spaces. Large expanses of glass at the perimeter of the conditioned area help blur the lines between interior and exterior, bringing a sense of idyll and peace to the home’s streamlined interior.

Planned in such a way as to promote this connectivity, the openness and scale of the house lends a capacity for formal entertaining and hosting large groups, while simultaneously providing smaller, more intimate spaces better equipped for comfortable small gatherings. The intentional continuity between these spaces, in addition to the with the flow between interior spaces and exterior covered porches at both ends of the house, creates a versatile and comfortable dwelling despite the home’s expansive footprint of over 11,000 square feet.




Landscape Architecture