San Antonio Zoo Tiny Tot Nature Spot

San Antonio, Texas

The Tiny Tot Nature Spot was the first early childhood education facility to be located at a zoo. Intensely programmed with both exhibit spaces and experiential discovery places, this early childhood development center is designed to activate the minds of 0 to 5-years-olds.

The project involved working with the San Antonio Zoo and the rest of the design team on all the project exhibits, toys, tools, and working with zoo staff on all the educational programs to stimulate a range of senses and provide learning experiences for this critical stage of childhood development.

Featured spaces within the facility include an orientation plaza, water play beach, campground, interactive sensory maze, Explore the Underground, Explore Your Pond, Backyard (farm), interactive stream, and play lawn.

Exhibited animal species include squirrel monkeys with sloths (netted enclosure), coatimundi (netted enclosure), flamingos, tortoise, prairie dogs, macaws, and various domestic animals which are exhibited within the main building.


San Antonio Zoo & Aquarium




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