Utica Zoo Master Plan

Utica, New York

Created by ELM in 2016, the new master plan focuses on fixing critical visitor/staff safety issues, resolving ADA accessibility issues, expands parking capacity, adds two different group entry points, creates additional revenue generation capacities, and creates a stronger experience through an expanded circulation system that takes visitors deeper into the existing woodland areas that were not previously accessible to visitors.

Signature animals like giraffe and otter are extremely exciting, but we are also looking forward to other important upgrades like new parking lots, a bus loop, new layout for visitor pathways, and additional restrooms and visitor services. We have a wonderful history of connecting children and families with nature, and it is our job to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity to create life-long memories.
— Andria Heath, Executive Director, Utica Zoo

The new master plan also supports a new strategic partnership with the New York Power Authority by integrating a new shared environmental interpretive center at the Zoo.



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