ELM creates, designs, and builds according to a set of values that are integrated into the way we approach our work. By returning time and again to these values throughout the design process, we ensure that each finished project provides the maximum possible value to the client, community, and environment.

We recognize that people's lives are inextricably connected with their environment, both built and natural. In creating and preserving great places, we believe that our work should uncover and establish connections between natural systems and the human dimension. We take seriously the responsibility to create a sustainable built environment while conserving and celebrating the rich natural environments and systems that define the intrinsic values unique to each place.

ELM is committed to achieving the following values in every place, without compromise:


SOCIAL VALUE: places that support happiness and positive, responsible, authentic human experience

ECONOMIC VALUE: places that are financially sustainable and that add perpetual value, by any measure that is applied

CULTURAL VALUE: places that embody the spirit and character unique to their location, and those that inhabit them

AESTHETIC VALUE: places that emphasize the beauty of nature, while celebrating human creativity, design and the wonder of discovery

FUNCTIONAL VALUE: places that sensibly serve the purposes and people for which they are created with dignity, order, and quality

ECOLOGICAL VALUE: places that enhance the long-term environmental health and ecological systems of their site or region

HEALTHY VALUE: places that support and encourage healthy habits and promote long-term physical wellbeing